Stuck on a Journey…Can’t be a bad thing

So this journey I speak of, you may hear quite a bit about. I’ve been stuck in a non journey situation for way too long. My brew buddy has been inspirational in finding a ladder out of my rut. (you know what a rut is right?,,,,,,,, a grave with the ends knocked out. HA an old pastor used to say that) Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been through drunkenness washing away sorrow, but just getting back to actually living. Not doing the same thing day in and day out. And I find it kind of funny that some of this has to be contributed to the camaraderie of looking for some new, exotic, or just really flavorful new drink or establishment and enjoying the company of good people. We have bantered about what we taste in a particular new beverage and thought that surely there are others that would have this interest. It’s no longer about seeing if we can finish off a case of Michelob, but enjoying some wonderful craft that some person somewhere designed and I believe that the soul, the character, the personality of that person has entered the recipe. Hopefully through this blog and podcasts, we can impart to our audience what we taste, and feel through interviews with the designers, brew masters, and maybe some bar keeps. Because in the end, it’s not the product, but the people who make it who are putting themselves out here for us to enjoy. They are the courageous souls that have put themselves on the line of consumerism knowing that there will be persecution, but hoping that there are those other souls that will get it.

Here’s to all those Beer/Ale/Lager Crafters, Bourbon designers, Wine Makers, who found that their niche is what adds to the lives of others.




Journey to a New Brew

Journey to a New Brew

So a new endeavor has begun. The pleasure of a fine craft beer or wine or sometimes a fine crafted Bourbon, hasn’t always been one of my pursuits in life. My younger years consisted of an adult beverage for the purpose of becoming another version of me.
Then there were the years that I chose not to imbibe for religious reasons. Although after reading much on the subject from different points, including the Bible, I saw adult beverages as something to be enjoyed in a moderate way.
I had over the years shunned anything except a domestic. I had an experience, albeit not from a considered good source (which is another story), with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, that I at first thought was not very good; but as I enjoyed more, I found that my palate was changing. I still didn’t enjoy “hoppy” brews, but darker and stronger malty ales and lagers were becoming a much more enjoyable fare in my food and drink repertoire. (ie. Killians Irish Red)
Then it happened. A concert trip to see the band Journey. Although without Steve Perry, and all the controversy around whether or not they are as good as they once were, I was in the mood for some good classic rock and a road trip with family and my brew buddy Donnie. (Affectionately called D in this circle) A trip for us always means a local restaurant and bar look up and a taste of something new. This particular trip actually landed us at a fine local establishment and the finest brew that I have had. I have since encountered many other craft beer enthusiasts that have had the fortune of sampling this brew and also concur it has to be one of the finest ever brewed. It is Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. I know there are other Bourbon Barrel Ales around. This one in particular has an almost spiritual feel to it. We hope to have the opportunity to include some discussion with the inventor and brew master of this superb offering.
As we embark on this Journey of Wisdom and whimsical Inebriation, we hope to impart some wisdom and open new horizons for those that enjoy finely crafted adult beverages, and lead others to new tastes and enjoyment of beverages that they may have once feared. So come along for a Journey to New Beverage Horizons and maybe even some Wisdom of all sorts. We hope you find it enlightening and entertaining and maybe find something new.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Inebriated Wisdom is here…

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