Beer Trivia of the Week 5.3.16 SRM

Beer Trivia of the Week 5.3.16 SRM

There are several beer related terms I have come to hear the more I read about this wonderful elixir.  One of those is the SRM chart.  That means Standard Reference Model for you non-brewers or beer noobies. This is a handy little chart that will let brewers and consumers have a better understanding of what the finished product should look like.  Although I have found that sometimes these are mere “guidelines”.  Like a black IPA for example.

One of the first arguments I heard when I first started this Beer journey was that “I don’t like dark beer, its too thick…”  While this may have SOME truth to it, the color only showcases the malt used.

Next time you are sitting at the local brew pub and glancing around at everyone else’s beer, pull this chart up and see if you can identify (roughly) the style of beer they are enjoying.

Now get out there and try some new beer styles!!!