Beer Trivia of the Week 5.10.16 After Prohibition

Beer Trivia of the Week 5.10.16 After Prohibition

This week is more a of a “today in history” post.  After Prohibition when was the first ‘legal’ beer served?

This question takes us to a Michigan History PDF  which states that:

10 MAY 1933 Julius Stroh of the Stroh Brewing Company poured the first legal glass of beer after repeal of prohibition at an American Legion convention in Detroit.

May not be earth shattering, but it is still an important date in Beer History.  I have not fully delved into Prohibition in a post yet, so I will add that research time to the list.

I did find out that the above statement is not entirely correct.  As worded, the snippet mentions Stroh poured the first legal glass after repeal…but the 18th Amendment wasn’t actually repealed until December 5 1933.  The Harrison-Cullen Act is what opened the doors back up to alcohol production of up to 3.2% ABV.  Not a mind numbing Imperial, but it was a step in the right direction.

I think I’ll have a beer now, probably NOT a Stroh’s but each his own.

Cheers All!!