About Inebriated Wisdom

In 2015 we had an idea to do two things and do them well.  The first was to learn all we could about our favorite things, in this case that happened to be all things alcohol. In particular the craft beer and winery communities.  We are fascinated by the plethora of Micro-breweries popping up everyday and all the amazing flavors these talented brewers create.  Conversely, the wineries of the area include some awesome products as well.

The second thing on our list was to create a site where we could pass this knowledge on to others.  By developing the website you see here and producing audio content via the Inebriated Wisdom podcast, we hope we can help you to make a better decision when selecting a beer or wine to sample. 

We do not now, nor will we ever claim to know all there is to know about Beer and Wine, but we ask that you join us in our adventures to learn and sample new products and in the process, share the stories we love.  In this journey we have made some very good friends along the way, and enjoyed some amazing drinks.  We hope you will enjoy the stories we are sharing with you and in the process become a friend along the way.  Never hesitate to contact us and let us know if you want to see some information here that you can’t find now.  And if you have a favorite craft beer or wine, send us a picture and we’ll post it and let the world know.


Donnie and the Inebriated Wisdom Crew….

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