Knoxville Brewfest 2016

Knoxville Brewfest 2016

Knoxville Brewfest 2016 is here…

Hard to believe another year has flown by but today is the day.  Check out their site here to see what exciting things we are in for today.  And if there are any tickets left, buy them and come on down to have a truly mind blowing afternoon sampling this area’s and others interesting creations.

Last year was my first ever Brewfest and it was simply amazing.  You will meet some of the most interesting people the Brewing Industry has to offer and hear their stories. Sample beers from around the region that you may not have even heard of before today and find a new favorite brewery to add to your Beer-cation list.  Mine is very full at the moment.

Look for me in the crowd, I’ll have my gear on and will, as always be carrying a microphone to record the sounds and stories of this year’s Knoxville Brewfest.  I’m not hard to miss, just look for the 7 foot tall giant in the Inebriated Wisdom shirt, if you like it you can find your own personal copy here in our storefront.


Also remember the reason for the event is to help fund:


Check out both links above and do your research on Duchenne, it is a devastating muscle disease affecting children.  Imagine the loss of muscular functions such as being able to use your arms and legs, now imagine your involuntary muscular systems having difficulty and then slowly stopping.  Finally imagine your child being affected by this disease.

No parent in the world should have to face that with their children.  Those who have and are still battling this disease are truly warriors and my heart goes out to all those families bearing this burden.  BUT we can help ! There are new gene based treatments showing very good results, all that is needed is further funding.  That is where you can help.

Come out to Brewfest this afternoon and help support this research and feel good that you are helping to make a difference.

Cheers to all and to all a great day!


Sunday Sampling at Southern Barrel Brewing Company

Sunday Sampling at Southern Barrel Brewing Company

This weekend while the Old Man and the two heathens were in Beaufort SC, I slipped away to find a brewery, of course.  The gem I found is called Southern Barrel Brewing Company.

Very nice and open floor plan, showcasing the tanks and barrels placed behind the bar as a backdrop.  Not tiny, at around 10,000 square feet. 2500 square feet of tavern space, and even an outdoor beer garden area.

It was a rainy day, so basically the place was packed from the opening bell.  Sitting down for a few flights, I posted up behind the tap handles to be closer to the action.  Very Cool set up there as well.


Beer Flight round one consisted of the following,

Southern Helles: nice Helles Lager, weighing in at a respectable 5.4% ABV and a tasty 22 IBU.  Really nice malty finish as expected.

Turtle Patrol up next, It’s  a German style Maibock.  Malty finish as well and this one is very drinkable, but be careful.  It weighs in at an 8%’er.  Slightly a bit more bite at a 30 IBU.  I liked this one very much.

Saison n’on n’on was third in line, and I absolutely love the name.  Saisons are one of my faves of all time, as I like the peppery, light finish that is characteristic to this style.  This one did not disappoint.  Very drinkable at a 7.2% ABV and a nice 22 IBU.

American Pale Ale finished up this round.  Numbers first this one is a 5%’er and a nice tasting 35 IBU.  Not too hoppy for you non hop-heads out there.

Lunch Break consisted of their Southern Barrel Kabobs – Pecan Smoked Andouille Sausage and Pretzel Bite Skewers, with a Takeaway IPA based Mustard and BBQ sauces.  Only one word needed… AMAZING !!!


Round two:

Southern Session IPA – coming in at a 4.2% ABV and 40 IBU, this one is definitely all day drinkable.  Very nice dry, peppery finish on this one.  Almost leaves you wanting another drink after the last one.

Full of Hoptions – billed as a Big, Hoppy, Pale Ale… it definitely delivers as expected.  This one comes in at a very nice 5.5% ABV and a 44 IBU.

Takeaway IPA – for this round of the IPA wars, comes a really good IPA, reminds me of New Belgium Citradelic.  Really good, really hoppy, hits all of my checkpoints.

Last but not least is the DIPA, aptly named Slippery Slope – this one is high octane brew.  At 8.0% ABV and a tongue numbing 80 IBU, you know you are drinking this beer from first sip to last.

Of special note are the two Experimental Small Batches –

‘Murica – made with granola, and coming in at 7.7% ABV and 31 IBU.  This beauty is an Amber Ale, brewed with fresh Granola along with a good dose of Mosiac and Idaho 7 Hops.

Sour – name could use some work, but the beer is phenomenal !!! As most of you know, I like different, and this Sour is awesome in my book.  Weighing in at 5.4% ABV and a measly 6 on the IBU scale don’t miss out on this one!

Special Thanks go out to Matt and Hodge for the awesome time and the quick tour.  Definitely put this one on your go to list next time you consider a Hilton Head trip.  I personally guarantee a great time and great beer !!

Cheers All !





Merchandise is here

Merchandise is here

Hello All,

You need stuff with our logo on it?  Problem solved… Merchandise is here and page is now live!

Below you should find a link to our storefront.  Please give it a look and maybe you will find something you can’t live without.  All of our logos will be here on assorted things like glassware, t-shirts, keychains, etc.




Beer Trivia of the Week 5.10.16 After Prohibition

Beer Trivia of the Week 5.10.16 After Prohibition

This week is more a of a “today in history” post.  After Prohibition when was the first ‘legal’ beer served?

This question takes us to a Michigan History PDF  which states that:

10 MAY 1933 Julius Stroh of the Stroh Brewing Company poured the first legal glass of beer after repeal of prohibition at an American Legion convention in Detroit.

May not be earth shattering, but it is still an important date in Beer History.  I have not fully delved into Prohibition in a post yet, so I will add that research time to the list.

I did find out that the above statement is not entirely correct.  As worded, the snippet mentions Stroh poured the first legal glass after repeal…but the 18th Amendment wasn’t actually repealed until December 5 1933.  The Harrison-Cullen Act is what opened the doors back up to alcohol production of up to 3.2% ABV.  Not a mind numbing Imperial, but it was a step in the right direction.

I think I’ll have a beer now, probably NOT a Stroh’s but each his own.

Cheers All!!


Beer Trivia of the Week 5.3.16 SRM

Beer Trivia of the Week 5.3.16 SRM

There are several beer related terms I have come to hear the more I read about this wonderful elixir.  One of those is the SRM chart.  That means Standard Reference Model for you non-brewers or beer noobies. This is a handy little chart that will let brewers and consumers have a better understanding of what the finished product should look like.  Although I have found that sometimes these are mere “guidelines”.  Like a black IPA for example.

One of the first arguments I heard when I first started this Beer journey was that “I don’t like dark beer, its too thick…”  While this may have SOME truth to it, the color only showcases the malt used.

Next time you are sitting at the local brew pub and glancing around at everyone else’s beer, pull this chart up and see if you can identify (roughly) the style of beer they are enjoying.

Now get out there and try some new beer styles!!!